Veil of light

Veil of light

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In this fascinating autobiography, Husein Rofé takes us with him on his journey – physical and spiritual – from his oppressive family situation in 1930’s England, to Europe and North Africa and eventually to South East Asia and the Far East.

In 1951 he arrives in Central Java, in newly independent Indonesia. Here he discovers an unknown spiritual practice called Subud, a transformative experience that is passed from person to person without any teaching involved. He becomes convinced of its universal significance and feels called to make it better known. Through a series of adventures and uncanny coincidences, he succeeds in bringing it to the attention of seekers in the West. 

Rofé, an outstanding linguist, was attracted by the diversity of human culture. He set himself the goal of mastering a new language every year, and towards the end of his life was able to read and converse comfortably in over 70 languages. In Hong Kong, with his life partner, Richard Wong, he created a translation and interpreting company called Polyglot that is still active today. 

This extraordinary book concludes with Rofé’s globe-trotting adventures with Richard around the world, interspersed with his many thought-provoking insights on culture, the state of the world, health and diet.

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